Call Accounting Software for Assisted Living Centers and Skilled Nursing Facilities

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     Comm One Call Accounting Software can be used in Assisted Living Centers and Skilled Nursing Facilities to help them operate more efficiently and provide better health care to residents.
     In addition to being able to bill residents back for long-distance room charges, our software features to notify nursing staff immediately when 911 is dialed and includes features to track night shift nursing station check-in to verify the proper care of residents.

     > Capture long-distance calls for billing      >Mark-up long distance and bill back      > User-defined long-distance rates      > Supports multiple phones per resident
Download Sample Assisted Living Long Distance Bill
>Received immediate 911 notification       >Make nursing staff aware of emergency       >Direct First Responders to the incident
>Prevent blind-siding of nursing staff
>Provide quicker care during an emergency

Comm One .CSV File Import Extension / Name Utility

Comm One .CSV File Import Extension / Name Utility If you have ever wanted to easily update your Comm One Call Accounting Station File from a .CSV File this utility is what you need.  This will take a CSV File that you create and overwrite the contents of your station file on the Comm One Call Accounting Software.

The fields you can import are: Extension NumberNameDepartmentDivisionSite
The only field that is required is the extension filed.  The other fields are optional.  Here is an example of a .CSV File that could be used to import into Comm One.  You can name the file anything you would like as long as it has a .CSV File extension.1248,"Millie Jesperson","SALES","DIV 22","SITE 22"
1252,"Jan Elles","ADMINISTRATION","DIV 23","SITE 23"
1253,"Dana Lassen","ADMINISTRATION","DIV 24","SITE 24"
1254,"Rick Scott",&quo…

You can't tell me I'm wrong on this one...

Many years ago when I was in my early 20's I lived in Japan with a couple of guys who were first cousins.  They were pretty good friends, but competed to be better than each other over just about everything.  One day they went out and purchased new wrist watches.  Electronics in Japan were inexpensive back then because of the exchange rate, and they both purchased very nice time pieces.  That's when all the fun began.  For days we kept asking them what time it was because they would both give a different answer and then attack each other maintaining that their watch had the correct time.  This went on for days until one morning we heard a scuffle followed by the cry "You can't tell me I'm wrong on this one, my watch is set to International Time".  I'm not sure what International Time had to do with it, but a fist fight broke out and we had to pull them apart before they killed each other.

     I remember thinking how silly they were to argue over what…

Why Snails Only Come Out at Night

I'm not much of a gardener, but I enjoy having a garden.  My father was a big gardener and I remember planting a garden in the backyard when I was a kid.  Now I mostly grow a wide variety of weeds.  This year I tried to make gardening easier.  I planted potatoes, carrots and pumpkins.  To make the garden easy to weed I made wide rows that I can easily weed with my electric tiller.  This was going to be my best garden ever.

     Apparently word got out because the snails moved in.  Yesterday I checked on the garden and one of the potato plants was eaten to the ground and there were snails everywhere.   The snails come out at night.  You can tell because they leave little trails all over the sidewalk and patio.  I couldn't poison them because it ruins the vegetables, so I jumped on the web and found out that you can kill them with a container of beer.  They crawl into the beer, get drunk, and die.  Since I've never had a beer it's probably the same thing that would h…

My Theory of Everything

MY THEORY OF EVERYTHING     One of my favorite authors and speakers is a man named Michio Kaku.  He is an astrophysicist that often speaks on a unifying theory of physics commonly referred to as The Theory of Everything.   While advanced theories of physics are far beyond me he is able to describe complex concepts of physics in terms that I can understand.    While learning about physics is enjoyable for me,  I understand that I will never be able to contribute to this body of knowledge.   While thinking about this the other day it dawned on me that I have my own unifying theory of life.  My theory doesn’t simplify the competing theories in advanced theoretical physics,  but it does simplify being a Dad. My unifying theory of life is simply “7”.

     Let’s start from the beginning.  When my two children were young they did with most children do and that is to ask a million questions.   For the first few years of their lives I dutifully answered every question as every father sh…

When it comes to Mother-In-Laws, It's always the End of The World

HELPING GRANNY WITH HER COMPUTER      An odd thing happened this week.  My wife was visiting my Mother-In-Law (We call her Granny), and they needed me to login and check her machine for computer viruses.   As part of my regular job I log into hundreds of systems a month using LogMeIn Rescue.  The Rescue tool generates a random 6 digit number that the customer on the other end uses so I can login and take control of their computer. 

RANDOM NUMBER FOR LOGMEIN RESCUE   As I generated the random code so I could log into Granny’s computer you can imagine my joy and amazement when the code came back as 666-911.  The number 666 is commonly associated in religion as the mark of the beast, or the devil’s number, and 911 has taken on a life of it’s own the past 15 years.
It’s the end of the world, and it’s an emergency.

FUN WITH GRANNY     In order to fully understand my joy with the code 666-911, you need to understand a little more about my relationship with my Mother-In-Law.   I apologize in ad…

When to declare a New Family Rule

One day years ago we received a phone call from a friend who was stranded with his wife on the freeway.  His car had just sputtered and died.   We weren’t very far away so we went to assist him.   We’ll call him Larry.  (That’s not his real name)  We hopped in the car and found them stopped in the emergency lane with the hood up.   I jumped out to go “help” him.    Someone once described a similar incident where he jumped out, lifted the hood, and that ended the extent of his knowledge about cars.  I’m a little bit worse.  I’m lucky if I can find the hood release latch.

Larry and I stared at the engine for a while.  I asked him if he ran out of gas – he said no.   I asked him when he had had the car serviced last.  Larry said he had owned the car for years and it had never needed service.   I asked about oil changes and he said “You’re supposed to change the oil?”  We checked the oil, and it had some, but it obviously needed an oil change.  Then we checked the only other think I can ch…